Providing One-to-One Waterskiing Tuition on the Cotswold Water Park

If you love the outdoors and water, then waterskiing is the perfect activity for you. This exhilarating activity improves your core strength and balance, while also releasing endorphins to make you feel good. Our coaches ensure all your sessions and rewarding, and this sport is ideal for beginners and more experienced skiers. Try something new today by booking waterskiing sessions on the Cotswold Water Park with one of our friendly and 

Begin Your Waterskiing Journey Today

Tailoring all sessions to your personal requirements, our skilled coaches ensure your waterskiing experience is fun, engaging and energising. From the moment you step on the waterski, your assigned coach guides you through the journey.

All our sessions include professional, enthusiastic coaching behind a high-performance tournament boat, and we also supply all the equipment needed.  

4 Lakes also offer a tournament standard SLALOM and JUMP course and coaching in all 3 tournament disciplines (slalom, Jump and Tricks).

There is no better way to learn how to waterski than in our picturesque and peaceful surroundings of 4 sheltered lakes.

Waterski Prices

· Individual 15 Min Waterski Lessons £30
· Bulk Buy of 10 X 15min Lessons (Individual Person) £280
· Beginners Package 3 X 15min Coached Lessons £90

· Beginners Lessons for Children and Adults 1 x 30min Session of Water Time £60

· Or A suggested Beginners Package is 3 x 15min session of water time. Booking the first
Two 15min sessions back to back ie 30min then coming off the water for a break and
then booking the third 15min session FOR £90 

Each 15 min session is packed with highest quality coaching, we only use British Waterski Level 2 Coaches and all staff have First Aid & Safe Guarding Checks.

“Packages Can Not Be Carried Over From One Season To The Next”

Contact our friendly coaches today to book your waterskiing sessions on the Cotswold Water Park.